Hello world! This is my first blog post and am very excited to join the blogsphere. So why am I writing a blog? Well, first of all it seemed pretty darn cool. Especially since a friend of mine just started one to discuss her detox diet. Check out Aman and Meena’s Diabolical Detox Blog. I also wanted to start to document the journey I have been on for the past couple of years. My goal is to strive to be as healthy as I can. I’m not saying I’m a perfect, healthy, fitness freak but I am trying. This blog will document what I eat and how I move my body to meet my goals.

Right now I’m a little apprehensive about posting a goal weight of some sort. I do have an idea of where I’d like to be but I do not want the focus of this blog to be a number. I want the focus of the blog to be about eating right and moving my body on a daily basis. I do, however, believe that when you embark on something there should be a goal in mind. So, my goal will be to lose several inches overall. Maybe I should get a goal outfit to work towards??? I like to gauge my success through the way my clothes feel instead of the scale as I feel its a genuine indicator of how my body is changing. Now I should put out there that I will be traveling to Vegas in about 18 days. That gives me almost 3 weeks to get my butt in gear.

So what have I been doing so far? Well for the past month I have been ‘Shredding’ with Jillian Michaels by using her 30 days Shred Dvd. This dvd completely kicks my butt! I’m always sweating buckets afterwards and can really feel it the next day. The dvd is only 20 minutes long which makes it manageable especially during school. Well, now that I am finished with school (just completed my Bachelor of Education, hooray!) I will have more time to dedicate to working out and eating. I enjoy Jillian’s interval training system and feel that it is very effective. The interval training system is a 3-2-1 method which means you do weights for 3 minutes, cardio for 2 minutes, and abs for 1 minute. There are 3 of these circuits in the Shred dvd. There are also 3 different levels. You do each level for 10 days and then proceed to the next one. Right now I am on level 2 on day 9. I’m excited yet nervous to see what level 3 has in store for me!

I would like to focus a lot of energy on what I eat. Although I have been working out consistently for the past month, my food has not been up to par. I believe food is definitely 80% of dieting (ugh I really hate that word!). My struggle right now is that I often undereat or overeat. I need to find a balance and plan my meals around vegetables. I have an ongoing battle with vegetables. I love them but always find it hard somehow to get them in everyday. I can sometimes go a whole day without eating one. This has got to change! In order to help myself get some more vegetables in, I’ll keep a log and take pictures of what I eat.

Okay, on to today’s food.

Breakfast: Cereal with skim milk (mix of bran flakes, a small handful of Cheerios, and some granola), tea

Lunch: Yam topped with red kidney beans, homemade salsa, and some garlic and herb feta cheese. This meal was delicious! I never thought to have beans with yams but it was a great combo. I will definitely have this again. The homemade salsa also added a great flavour to the whole dish.

Ok, before I reveal what I had for dinner I would just like to say that all day I wailed and whined about working out. I hmmed and hawed about whether I should workout or not. I convinced myself that I had already had 5 days of activity this week and that I really didn’t have to workout if I didn’t want to but after the indulgent 2 days I have had I needed to do something. I can tell I am getting bored of level 2 and those damn squat thrusts! Luckily, today was day 9 and soon I will be graduating onto level 3. Anyway, after my workout for some reason I was not hungry at all but was craving some good ol’ sweetness. I ended up cutting up some strawberries…and adding them to a bowl of…..wait for it…….some vanilla chocolate crackle ice cream! I am not perfect and do not claim to be but I really had a light food day today. The ice cream hit the spot and left me feeling satisfied.

Dinner: Sliced strawberries with half a cup of vanilla chocolate crackle ice cream aka heaven in a bowl

Tomorrow I will be attending a wedding reception which means that I will have to grow a pair and eat as healthy as I can throughout the day. Breakfast and Lunch will definitely be on the lighter side. Wish me luck! 🙂

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